What 's The First Thing You Look At When You See Someone? Essay

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What’s the first thing you look at when you see someone? Is it their hair, they’re eyes, they’re nose, or is it their little imperfections? For me it’s their teeth, they’re smile, so brilliant in each unique little way.
My family is most important. I need them to survive, just like a human needs food and water. Each day I see them differently. Maybe one day they’re sad or maybe one day they’re happy, each day I get a better understanding of them. Of who they are. And with those days I see their smiles in a whole new way.
My dad has this big crooked smile. A smile that’s been through so much, a smile that’s seen both pain and joy. It’s a smile that brings back memories and dreams. Not only does his smile bring back the past, but it pushes pages forward to the new chapter. His smile reminds me of chances and opportunities. His smile reminds me of a rock, big and hard, something you can rely on.
Kathy’s smile is the biggest smile you could ever imagine. It’s almost as big as a shark’s smile if it would smile, except hers only has 32 teeth in all. You see it when she’s taking pictures, you see it when she’s driving, you can even see it when she’s talking on the phone. It just never goes away. Her smile is warm, like a sunny day in August.
Emily has this smile that makes you want to smile. It’s a sign to let you know that you’ll be fine or everything’s going okay. Her smile makes her the life of the party. Her smile is dangerously contagious.
My other sister has this…

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