What 's Beneficial Outcomes On Buyers ' Reactions Essay

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Servicescapes apply beneficial outcomes on buyers ' reactions (e.g., Brüggen et al., 2011, Michon et al., 2005, Nilsson and Ballantyne, 2014 and Turley and Milliman, 2000). These impacts, result from an all-encompassing impression of nature whereby buyers handle all discrete jolts in the servicescape in general (Lunardo, Roux and Chaney, 2016).

Marketers use servicescapes as a way to construct a wholesome consumer experience, but also to impact consumer’s behavior (Andersson et al., 2012). Consumer Behaviour is best described as the way people feel, think and motivate themselves towards a range of brands, retailers and products. Such was the description that Perner, L (2016) had to offer in his explanation of consumer behavior. Turley and Mulliman (2000) further extend the concept of consumer behavior by highlighting how many atmospheric variables can play a role in the environmental purchase setting. By looking specifically at Music as the interior variable, it plays a significant role in tampering cognitive, emotional and behavioural responses that will be further addressed. How music influences consumer behavior is the hallmark of this literature review.

Music is known to play a vital role in influencing consumer behaviour and so many research studies have been carried out to verify this theory or hypothesis. Bruner (1990) was the first literature review to be published on the influence of music in the marketing zone(s) (cited in Turley, L. and Milliman, R. 2000).…

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