What 's An American Dream For Immigrants? Essay

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What’s An American Dream for Immigrants Undocumented immigrants come from different parts of the world not just Mexico. The ones that are mostly judged for coming to America to find and live the American Dream are the Latinos. We are the one’s that are different and have all these stereotypes about us; but not every Latino is a criminal or rapist. They don’t know the struggle that all undocumented faced everyday and fear that they won’t be deported and separated from their families. We all have a purpose, everyone has a dream. Many come for a better life, education or freedom, they work for success but are seen differently
The people all have their opinions over the Latino immigrants who come for a better life or job to provide for their families. There’s always characteristic talked about the undocumented saying “ they are hurting our economy, school systems, and communities.” - (Undoc. Imm. 1) Also that the immigrants are taking the jobs from Americans, which I say it’s completely false because many Latino immigrants take any job that is open no matter what kind it is. Who else will you see working in the fields picking up crops, in the hottest weather, long hours up and who are the ones constructing homes, buildings getting their hands dirty , not Americans. So why do they say that the undocumented are taking our jobs , but how many Latino homeless people do you see on the streets asking for money, not many; because these immigrants will do anything to provide for…

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