What You Do For The Rest Of Your Life Essay

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Deciding what you are going to do for the rest of your life is one of the most important decisions you will ever make, and the most nerve wrecking. All my life I was repeatedly told to become a lawyer or doctor that I was drawn away from those career choices. I started college as an undeclared major because I had no idea who I wanted to become. Professors repeatedly told me not to worry it will come to me, but after 2 years of college I was still clueless about what I wanted to do and I was rushed into picking a major. I declared sociology as my major. The first time I told my family and friends about my choice they looked at me and said “what is that?” To be honest, I was barely getting to understand it myself.
Sociology is the study of how people behave and function within society. Although it was a rash decision I have become mesmerized by the major I have chosen and have fallen in love with what it has taught me. As I took more sociology classes I became more fascinated by the criminal justice side. I chose to add the criminology track to my major. Criminology focuses on the making and breaking of laws, and society’s reactions to the breaking of laws. The classes I have taken have pushed me toward a career path I would have never imagined years ago. I came to the conclusion that I have always been a helping person, especially to those going through a rough time, and have always had an interest in the criminal justice system, thanks to law and order. This is why I would…

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