What You Did During Internship With Aig ( American International Group )

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1) What you did during the internship (include the specific tasks and responsibilities you performed during the internship)
During my ten-week internship with AIG (American International Group) I was responsible for assisting lead underwriters in the underwriting of their accounts. To begin the AIG internship experience interns spent three days at home office, located in New York. During these three days interns were explained job roles, attended an Introduction to Insurance course, participated in a professionalism seminar, volunteered, and were exposed to various networking opportunities. Orientation served as a foundation for those who are new to the insurance industry and a refresher for those who have already gotten their feet wet.
The following week I began reporting to the Dallas office, Major Accounts Practice. This department manages large national accounts whose revenues equal 700 million and above. With such large accounts, various tasks must be completed in order for the underwriter to determine an estimated premium. These tasks included but were not limited to: schedule ratings, motor vehicle ratings (MVR), classification of autos, pull/assign policy numbers, create/renew accounts in DMS (Data Management System), determine/apply WC surcharges, WC manual ratings, create handoffs for all lines of business, policy details, select appropriate forms using the CST (Coverage Selection Tool), review/issue policies, request ring analysis, file NOE’s (Notice Of…

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