Essay about What Would My Hero?

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Ever since the Avenger 's movie has come out. I have joked that Captain America was my hero. I even purchased a few Captain America shirts at one time to parade around in. When I was in charge of a party, I made the theme Avenger “heroes” because I thought they were worth while. Whenever one would ask me, why Captain America was my favorite, I couldn 't state a decent answer because, honestly I have never seen the Avengers or Captain America movies. I thought highly of him because I thought he was dashing. How pathetic was that? I thought a man was my “hero” based completely on looks. I finally got over fantasizing over Captain America and tried to put my perspectives straight. I decided that I need to have someone who was worth while to look up to. Someone I could think of to help me shape my life after. Someone, who in my everyday “battle” I could ask myself, “what would my hero do in this situation?” After a quick reality check, I realized who my hero was. My hero is someone who has been there every day of my life. My hero was the very first person who wrapped me in her arms the day I took my very first breath. My her o is my mom. All over the place are sayings about what a hero is. There are countless definitions of what a hero is or what they should be. Most of these sayings I think are quite cliché and repetitive. There is one, however, that I love. Joseph Campbell says it best when he says, “A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger…

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