What Women Want Is A Comedy Essay

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What Women Want is a comedy that portrays a lot of gender role stereotypes. Now that I have watched the movie I will be discussing the way gender stereotypes are shown throughout the film and answering the following five questions. Does a woman belong in the corporate world? Is it acceptable for a man to have a boss who is a woman? Who makes a better boss: a man or a woman? How should men and women work together in a job situation? What are some of the benefits and difficulties?

The main character Mel Gibson, is a man who thinks that men rule the world. He grew up in not the best environment and because of that it made it him look at women as sex objects instead of believing that women could amount to something. When he went to work that morning he was under the impression that he was going to get a promotion, but shortly after arriving, he was informed that he did not receive the promotion and that they actually hired someone for the job; a woman. Mel Gibson was not happy about the decision the company had made and was going to do anything to sabotage the new employee so that he could take the job that she was given. During the film an event happened that gave Mel Gibson the ability to read into women’s minds and hear everything they were thinking. He later uses this power to his advantage and steals all of his bosses ideas that she was thinking in her head and claimed them as his own, which in return made him look like the best fit for the job even though all along…

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