What Will You Do For Food When The Grocery Store Is Empty? Essays

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What will you do for food when the grocery store is empty? What if something happens to your food preps? Learning how to make and set small game traps is a skill that can keep your family from starving. The good thing about most traps is just how little you need to have to make them.

The Grave 's Stick Snare

The Grave 's bait stick snare is a great all-purpose trap. It can catch a range of decent sized animals in semi-wild and wild terrain. You will need a springy pole, a thin toggle stick, and a forked ground stake. You will also need a bait stick, some bait and some cord for a trigger line and a snare line.

Find a tree with a springy strong branch. Tie your snare cord near the tip of that branch. Bend it down till the top touches the ground, if possible. Mark that spot. Drive the fork into the ground here. Tie your toggle stick to the end of the trigger line. Attach the trigger line to your snare cord.

Now run your toggle stick under the fork. Be careful to keep the toggle parallel to the forked stake. Place your baited trigger at the end of the toggle stick. Try it. It should snap back quickly. When you have it set up perfectly use twigs to prop up your open noose.

Don 't place your fingers into the snare! It can pull them off. Fingers don 't make for a good stew. You want rabbit!

The Fixed Snare Set Up

Perhaps the quickest and easiest trap to set up is the fixed snare. You will need thin braided steel cable or flexible steel wire. Use a thin twig under an…

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