Essay What The Fuck I Mean

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What the fuck I mean by “It 's cold”? Well, you will know it soon. There are many times when me and my friends are playing around with each other. No, no, not the kind of playing around you thinking about. By playing around I mean we are always making jokes about each other and doing stupid but funny shit. One time my young brother decided to do a stupid shit to my friend, which basically ruined my friend’s rest of the day and maybe even today he might be embarrassed about what my brother did to him. Last year (2015), we were at EId (Muslim peoples Christmas) and there were many people that were celebrating Eid. Me, my family, and friends were also there. Everyone was having a good time. Later, that day my friend went to the bathroom and my brother and his friend followed him to the bathroom and when he was taking a piss they recorded him. However, he did caught them recording him but by the time he noticed them it was too late. They already had recorded him and took off. After that my friend was mad but at the same he tried to not look mad because if he did something or say something my other friends would of been like “Bro! you been doing that shit to others! Why you getting mad for?” Because my friend he’ll be doing some stupid shit like that to people he knows and it was the first time somebody did it to him. After about half hour my brother and his friend comes back and they told my friend “Bro… you got a small ass D.” and my friends who’s video they made answered…

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