Essay about What Should I Wear?

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What should I wear? A dress? A skirt? Capris? Or maybe cute little shorts? I have no idea about fashion. He should feel honored that I’m actually taking the time to pick out an outfit to wear. I guess I’ll go with blue rip jeans, cream cami with a brown knit blazer and matching brown knee-high boots. Plain, but if done right, can get the job done.
I spent all night curling my hair and even slept propping my head up so it wouldn’t mess up. I wonder if he will notice it? Outfit?
Hair? Check.
Check? I’m already.
The first thing I ordered Tre to do was wait forty minutes outside in his car for me while I got dressed. However, he refused and instead laid on the couch. He was dressed in a white long sleeve shirt and black jeans. Although I told him to dress casual, I thought he would at least put a little more effort into it.
“You finally ready?” he moaned, not trying to hide the fact he didn’t want to do this.
“Almost,” I replied, waiting for him to compliment me.
“Well, I’ll be here watching cartoons. Waiting. Forever. Why the hell would a sponge be friends with a starfish?”
I forgot he needed a little help. “Ahem!”
“What is it?”
“How do I look?”
He lifted his head off the couch, then proceeded to look me up and down. “You look like your typical self with actual girl clothes and curly hair…” Jerk. “Which actually makes you prettier.”
I could feel my heart pound out of uncontrollably. Although I was asking for a little praise, I wasn’t expecting that.…

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