What Other Questions Do You Have That The Author Did Not Ask?

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• What other questions do you have that the author did not ask?

My question to Ball will be if she stayed away from asking questions because she thought it would take away the emotional meaning of the article ? Like I said above, she didn 't need to add questions; I almost never noticed the author did not apply any question because it was that will written.

Critical Thinking Guideline 2: Define Your Terms • How well did the author do on this guideline? Rank 1-10 and explain why.

There was not really any major terms but, they were stories about the struggle of disorders. People who struggled with bipolar disorder shared what they struggle with and photography helps them. I do give Ball credit for going the extra mile and researching why photography helps; she stated in her article "One reason photography may provide a salubrious effect is that making the effort required to take the pictures and seeing the positive results build a kind of reward system in the brain, according to Kelly Lambert, a behavioral neuroscientist and chairwoman of the psychology department at Randolph-Macon College." I give a 9 out of 10 because she could of had a better outcome with more defined terms.

• What other terms need to be defined? How would you define them? When Ball wrote about the study of " Lifting Depression" Dr. Lambert, I fall as if they information was well and I do know she did not…

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