Essay on What Makes Your Best Day Ever And Why?

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If you asked me "What was your best day ever and why?”, My response wouldn 't be filled with a spectacular event, happiness, and great things happening around me; it would be an average day of my life ending with a realization of my true beauty.
Have you ever seen these products:lipstick, eyeliner,mascara, hair extensions, lingerie, skin bleaching, plastic surgery and etc. All these products are seeing on your television screen in the form of commercials promoting them for women. All these things are more than likely in your house because of your daughter, mother, or even yourself because you need them to look pretty. And these things are the reason women cannot accept them as natural. But I did! I didn’t like wearing makeup and looking pretty.Being natural is pure appearance with no makeup, no enhancements, and no transformation. I, as a young woman, accepted and appreciated my natural look of having dark skin, nappy hair, a petite physique, and nerdy glasses. Society thinks that beauty comes from women in magazines- like Vogue and ELLE- or models or even revealing women in Victoria Secret commercials, music videos, and Instagram. Although, I believe that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and beauty is abstract and not an objective concept. Beauty comes in different forms: skinny, fat, no makeup, flat chest, and so on. I believe that beauty didn’t have to come in the form of makeup and fashion trends to appeal to society. I didn’t want to be like every other female,…

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