What Makes Me Associate? Essay example

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In the first place, I knew certain information about Dolores Huerta while in high school and from what I could remember I found her interesting. After doing further research on her accomplishments and her fight for farmer workers conditions, I now respect her and admire her. Her unstoppable fight to better the working conditions of workers, the raise of pay and to stop the exploitation is commendable, the passion she puts in her activism is what makes me associate her to my father. My father was born 4th in 12 siblings in a very remote part of Mexico. My grandparents are indigenous Otomi people of Mexico, who only speak the dialect to the ethnic group in that particular part. For the most part, indigenous people from that location grow their own food and use the old system of bartering- trading to acquire items they do not grow or produce themselves with other people. In that time there was no electricity, no running water, and no medical assistance. With this in mind, people from that location could only strive to work the lands for food and take care of the animals, if lucky enough, some learned to read and write. Most of the people in that community didn’t have the financial resources for food, shoes, cars, clothes or toys. The only schools available were miles away and fortunate children who could attend would walk. One of the fortunate ones was my father. He walked miles in the dirt with no shoes and most of the time went hungry because there was no food. He would…

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