Sociological Imagination Reaction

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Throughout history different societies and nations have obtained different levels of sociological imagination. Some societies have never had it, others have obtained and lost it, while others have obtained it and thrived on it. In this reaction paper I will be discussing and explaining what is meant when we hear the term Sociological Imagination and what it defines. The sociological imagination enables us to group history and biography and the relations between the two within society. (Mills, 1959, P.1) In addition, it also helps us understand the ability to observe in a wider social context the actions that are influenced according to various situations. As the article states, “Neither the life of an individual nor the history of a society …show more content…
I then grasped from that point on that there was nothing I can do except be positive and keep pushing through so that I can do what I can to overcome this dreadful situation we as a country were going through. Eventually, I found a part-time manual labor position. I couldn’t complain due to the fact that there were many other unemployed Americans struggling. During this time the lack of funds had increased my stress level and all I wanted to do was be able to assist my father with paying the monthly bills. The recession put so much stress on my family for a while, that we all had to pinch our penny’s to make ends meet. It was just a constant fear and struggle of what was going to come next. In the article “The Promise” Mils states that “The history that now affects every individual is world history. Within this scene and this period, in the course of a single generation, one sixth of humankind is transformed from all that is feudal and backward into all that is modern, advanced, and fearful.” ”The Promise” (Mills, 1959). In conclusion, the historical events that occur in this world affect not just me but society as a whole. As a final result, the terms of sociological imagination helps us understand how our personal experiences link to larger social forces of

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