What Makes Brand Loyalty? Essay

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to buying the particular product over the other products. They have a strong passion, and strong commitment and weak liking towards the product.
• Loyalty: By this stage there are strong feelings towards the product. There is sense of deep commitment and passion which is exhibited by the consumers. They like the product, have the passion for it and make a commitment to buy the product.


“Brand Loyalty” is a hypothetical construct and cannot be seen or observed with the naked eye unless we use surveys or questionnaires to understand how strong or weak the consumer feels about the product. In order to measure a consumers’ Brand Loyalty towards a product we must understand the different factors that affect Brand Loyalty.

Brand Loyalty is affected by several factors, by identifying these factors we can understand and measure the Brand Loyalty of a product. According to Li Xiaodong, the factors affecting Brand loyalty are as below:-
• Product Utility – It is the most basic element of Brand Loyalty where the value of the product is all about how convenient and easy to use the product is to the consumer. It mainly deals with the level of satisfaction a customer has while using the product. The higher the level of satisfaction, the higher the chances of the consumer to use the product often.
• Brand Reliance – The customers need to rely on the brand heavily. This is achieved if the consumer identifies with the brand. The reliance of the consumer is solely a…

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