What Makes A Successful Manager Should Possess? Essay

1324 Words Apr 26th, 2016 null Page
The project was born when the executives within Google started to question about what a does a manager do. What is their impact on the organization and its employees? Are they really needed. If yes, what is it that they do that is important. What are the traits that a successful manager should possess? Can you develop an employee become a manager? Can you improve a struggling manager? If yes, how. Initially as a start-up Google had a very simple management philosophy. Hire the best engineers let them do their job by giving them the freedom, if they need assistance or are stuck they can approach people who are accomplished in those specific fields. These seniors or employees who were veterans in their field were then put forward to be managers. So if they have expert knowledge why is it that few manager ratings were very good as compared to others. Why was the feedback for only a few positive, and not everyone else’s? I think the importance of this project was to understand how can you make better bosses. Can you identify them. Is it possible to teach engineers to be better managers? One of the reasons why a firm loses its top talent is when people are unhappy with their supervisors, or pay scale or mismatch with the company’s vision. In order for Google to retain its top talent and grow in the future they had to understand what should be done. The genesis of this project is that the founders wanted to address these issues. They wanted to align the company from within with…

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