GEICO Case Study

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1. Introduce your organization by presenting a detailed historical description of the organization from inception to a discussion of current issues and major initiatives (500-1000 words).
a. As an organization, GEICO has a colorful history. Originally founded in 1936 by Leo Godwin, Sr., GEICO today has grown into a massive company, holding the title as the second largest private auto insurance company within the United States. With its original founding, Godwin sought to create a product that was marketed directly to certain target groups, thereby giving him the ability to lower premiums (Calandro, 2011). The first such group were government employees, hence the long name of Government Employees Insurance Corporation, or GEICO for short. By
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When it comes to looking at the organizational structure of GEICO, there are various ways it can be improved to increase efficiency and productivity. According to Kilburg and Donohue (2014), an efficient and simplified organizational structure is needed to give an organization its full potential. With GEICO, there are too many overlapping supervisors and positions, with it sometimes being extremely difficult to determine who is the appropriate person to talk to. Further, GEICO does not provide any structure in choosing your supervisor with some adjusters moving back and forth between numerous supervisors over the course of a year. By redefining certain key roles and disseminating what those are, GEICO can make huge strides in improving organizational structure. All businesses, especially those the size of GEICO are infinitely complex but by structuring the organization more efficiently and improving communication, more can be achieved overall. By consolidating certain operations such as auto damage under one umbrella instead of by region, adjusters can work together more and learn from each other, something that is almost impossible today. Improving and streamlining organizational structure is key to continued development and future

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