What Makes A Serial Killer? Essay

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What Creates a Serial Killer? When you first Google serial killers, you get all sorts of links, links from definitions to the top 25 serial killers of all time. Why is it that serial killers are such an intriguing topic? Is it the suspense of what drives them or how afraid we are of them? Everyone wants to know why he or she becomes a murderer, but there seems to be no specific reason. In this paper I will search for the answers to these questions, I will beg the question of nature versus nature. I will compare and contrast past serial killers and their many similarities and differences. My theory is all serial killers are different and there is no similarity that can be found in all of them. My hypothesis will be serial killers are created by connection of both nature and nurture. Most of the serial killers documented to this day either had difficult childhoods or through analysis had mental disorders or both. Which begs the question of whether they are born to kill or raised to kill? I believe there it is a mixture of both that creates the serial killer.
What is a Serial Killer?
A serial killer has a lot of different definitions. I found definitions that were not all the same but it all averaged into someone who kills 2 or more people over time and escapes detection. It may be someone who kills multiple times at different locations at different time periods and in between will continue their regular life. Like all things, there are different types of serial killers;…

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