Essay What Makes A Philosophy?

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It 's good to have a philosophy in the never-ending story we call life. Through the ups and downs of life, humans keep their spirts up at a high level. Ethics also have ups and downs, as if you give hobo money, are it morally right or wrong? In your own mind, it may be morally right or morally wrong. It all depends on your ethical standpoint in life.
What is life? I ask myself that a lot. To me I see it as a movie, and when the movies done filming, you 're dead. Life is about what you do to live your life. In life, even if you are born into unwelcoming circumstances, like celebrities, you can still accomplish things like giving a hobo on the streets of the Big Apple money. Granted that hobo may or may not have an addiction to drugs (if the hobo did, I would lean towards morally wrong on this) and bought the drug they so much love. If you have a purpose to help that hobo get a fix, be my guest, but if you regret giving that hobo drugs, that kind of is your fault.
My goal in life is to shape young minds and basically shape the next generation into their adult minds and maybe rub a few things off on them. Basically in the last sentence, I stated that I want to be a teacher. I believe I am developing my people skills, and my philosophical skills, like thinking. fapproach conflict like it 's a blazing inferno, and I 'm the firefighter that has to put the inferno out, singlehandedly. In a conflict, I 'm self-assured (assertive), but I think I may be a little aggressive. That…

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