Essay about What Makes A Personal Philosophy?

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Philosophy is something that every individual can use in their daily lives. Comprehending and using philosophy in their personal lives can be very gratifying through the act of creating a personal philosophy. A personal philosophy is the foundation on which they can explore and come to deeply understand who they are and the ultimate reason for their entire existence. For people to actively practice this in their lives they must first fully understand what philosophy is. The accurate way to use philosophy is by testing logic to achieve a deeper knowledge of reality and answer essential questions about morals, previous knowledge, and life in general. Philosophy can be thought of as the skeletal system of modern existence. Nevertheless, it is always based around uncertainty; asking questions in this case is more significant than answering them. Questioning a set belief is what will send people on their way to uncovering who they truly are. A personal philosophy should be developed by and for an individual, and ultimately will initiate tremendous personal growth as well as aid in making sense of one’s life. It is necessary that all conscious human beings acknowledge philosophy and apply it within their personal lives to achieve fulfillment. Implementing philosophy within our lives cultivates open-mindedness. As George Bernard Shaw once said, “those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything”. Using philosophy to challenge previous beliefs and ways of living allows…

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