Essay on What Makes A Person Smart?

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What makes a person smart? Are there only two ends of the spectrum, smart and dumb? Howard Gardner believed this was not the case with his theory of multiple intelligences. A theory developed that different students had different types of minds, so therefore they will learn, remember, perform, and understand knowledge in their own different way. Gardner theorized that there were seven different areas of skills that a person can have in different amounts. With this theory he “developed a theory of multiple intelligences that comprises seven distinct areas of skills that each person possesses to different degrees.” This differs from the generally accepted concept that everyone can learn the same lessons taught in the same way.
These seven distinct learning styles are visual-spatial, body-kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, linguistic, and logical-mathematical. Visual-spatial is the ability to think in visual terms and use mental pictures to solve problems. Students that are high in this area are better taught using visual aids like slid shows and movies. Body-kinesthetic is the ability to comprehend the world and express ideas using one’s own body. Students are high in this area learn better with hands-on teaching and the role playing. Another type of intelligence is musical; this is where the student learns better with the use of rhythm and sound. Lesson types for these students could include the use of musical instruments and turning lessons into rhythms.…

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