Essay about What Makes A Perfect Life?

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Imagine there are two women sitting across from each other on the bus, one woman name Anna the other Zelda. Anna is a single working mother, who works 10 hours a day. Zelda is a full-time mother who stays at home. However, the difference between these two ladies is that Anna has a job outside the house while Zelda do not. From reading this introduction you can tell that both mothers are both hard workers. Although in society we say it’s an everyday normal life, but it 's not what society encourages. You have to pick and choose it 's either be a full-time mother and get shame for it or be a full-time worker and still get shame for it. So no matter what path a mother picks, in the end, she still gets shame. This idea of having a perfect life is just an idea but the truth is women - get paid less than men, trying to find the balance between family and career - the vision of a perfect family isn’t tangible. This vision about women we have, need to change by giving equality for women, stripping the idea of the image what women should be about.
In the essay” Sex Class “from the anthology The Future We Want, Sarah Leonard is a senior editor at the Nation, editor at Dissent and a contributing editor at New Inquiry. She writes about women trying to find balance work life; Women having it all; Women are doing it all; This image and expectation for women to do both providing and being head of the household is false. She brings in problems for being a working woman. When women work…

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