Analysis Of Anne-Marie Slaughter's Why Women Can T Have It All

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Many women have been told their whole life to stay at home and take care of the household. They have been restricted from the workforce and the thought of ever making it as a woman. Women have to fight to be able to get the proper education they deserve, they go one step over to earn their degrees and work at a well-developed company. Having to work hours of their dream job and raising a family and care for the household is something women continue to battle with today. Lots of women are consumed with work that they hardly ever get to see their children grow up or be there for them as a parent. In an essay writing by Anne-Marie Slaughter called "Why Women Can't Have It All", she shares her experience about balancing her work life with her family …show more content…
Women fight to get as high in steps as men and make something of themselves, they fight to work at the top companies and be the best at their jobs. A lot of women are forced to pick between family or career, the types of jobs they have and the hours they work restricts them from being able to do both as a woman. Slaughter quoted in her essay, "that juggling high-level government work with the needs of two teenage boys was not possible" (678) The type of job Anne-Marie have doesn't give her the chance to be a mother to her two teenage boys back at home. Her job keeps her far from home and her family. Many women aren't given a choice to make they are stuck deciding on what path to take. Women are taught to be thin and beautiful, they are told they can have a family and have their dream job while rising up the ladder. They believe they can have it all and do it all, but these choices leave them barging. A lot of women find themselves "in a job that is typical for the vast majority of working women (and men), working long hours on someone else's schedule" (Slaughter 681) these jobs blocks all access to being the parent they wish to be, or the professional worker they desire. A solution is needed for women to be giving a choice and make decisions for

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