What Makes A Individual An Individual? Essay

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What makes an individual an individual? What defines individuality? Would it be the way we walk or the books we enjoy? What about our vocabulary or our sense of purpose? What drives us? Every move we make, every word we choose to say and have ever said or the facial expression we sometimes unknowing plaster on our faces all contribute to the overall question as to who we are as individuals. When we think about our life stories , the struggles we 've endured and memories we hold dear, we are classifying ourselves as individuals, because no one else has these memories, at least not to the same level of recognition. Furthermore, when we describe our like , dislikes, good habits and bad we are describing a set of characteristics that vary amongst every single person. When we ask our friends to describe us, they may all have similar answers. She 's talkative or he 's laid back, she smiles a lot or he 's more serious. Most of the time, they are describing a significant part of our personality However, not all aspects of our personality remain the same overtime. We may know someone who was once sweet and kind natured who has become bitter and resentful or someone who was once talkative and adventurous who has become an agoraphobic introvert. It is within these situations where psychology expresses reasoning behind why we remember things or people the way we do and why our accounts of situations may not always be accurate as well as why certain aspects of our personality changes…

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