What Makes A Good Leader? Essay

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What asked to describe what constitute a leader many traits come to mind. Traits such as confidence, integrity, perseverance, and motivator are all good descriptors of what makes a good leader. The purpose of this essay is to provide a synthesis of three empirical articles and how they use common themes of how personality traits and different types of leadership values will help a person to be successful in their career. Argument can be made that leaders are born with all the characteristic described above whereas some would argue that leaders are formed through life experiences.
What constitute someone as being a leader? Some of the world’s most brutal individuals would be considered as leaders. Individuals such as: Adolf Hitler, Jim Jones, Pol Pot, and a whole list other would by definition be considered leaders but, why? The three articles used in this research would suggest that personality traits are key in determining the success. Through the use of three empirical articles we will explore characteristics of leaders and how their leadership style translate to being an effective leader or ineffective leader.
Common Themes
Throughout history there has been a debate on whether leaders are born or developed. This portion of the paper will delve into this debate by looking at the above articles in efforts to bring clarity and understanding to the relationship between personality traits and leadership style. The article referenced above hypothesized that traits such…

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