The Characteristics Of Andrew Jackson's The Antisocial Personality

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“The hero and the psychopath may be twigs from the same genetic branch.” That’s what behavioral geneticist David T. Lykken said in his book The Antisocial Personality. Though they seem like exact opposites, many of the character traits associated with psychopathic behavior – like fearlessness, brashness, and willingness to take risks – are also linked to the kind of behavior we admire in heroes. And there is increasing evidence to support the hypothesis.
Travelling back in time, we find lots of exciting examples of great people who exhibited most of the characteristics expressed in both heroes and psychopaths. For instance, Andrew Jackson, A.k.a “Old Hickory,” was ranked third in a 2012 research on U.S. presidents who displayed key traits of
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Many first responders reported a history of poor conduct in the workplace, such as getting arrested, being charged with a felony or other offenses, undesirable off-duty conduct and so on.
While these results suggest that heroes and psychopaths have a lot in common, they shouldn’t be interpreted to mean the two are the same. They only share certain vital traits – like fearlessness and boldness. Most of the other features commonly seen in psychopaths – namely inability to feel guilt, lack of empathy, selfishness, and lack of inhibition – are unquestionably not part of heroism or altruism.
This study provides useful insight into the psychology of heroes and psychopaths, bringing us closer to understanding why people who might come off as antisocial in particular situations also perform brave deeds in others. However, Christina Patton and her team do acknowledge some sensitive flaws in their survey, including the fact that they used self-reports of heroic/altruistic behavior, which may not be an accurate representation of purely objective measures of heroism. Patton recommends more research investigating other ways in which the two characters are

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