What Makes A Better Source Of Information Than The One Of Your Friends

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It 's very likely that at least once you forgot something a friend told you. People are giving recommendations every day and most of the time we don 't remember them. People give recommendations by all means of communications what makes really difficult to storage them. Sometimes you don 't remember the name of a place a friend told you or you don 't find the email with the name of it. This doesn 't allow people to take full advantage of the recommendations people gives you.
Suadeo helps people take decisions on what to do and where to go, by storing the recommendation people they know through our platform. Because what better source of information than the one of your friends. Suadeo allows the users to access their unique personal recommendations any day and anytime, with a GPS display showing how close are they to those places. Unlike losing your recommendations because you don 't know where do you have them or you simply forgot it.
Nowadays there are several platforms that offer reviews from different user respect a product or service, that is the case of our main competitor TripAdvisor. The problem of this sites is the quality of the reviews and the fact that you don’t know the person. While friend’s recommendations are the most trustworthy source of information. This simple twist in the business has a massive effect on the people, facilitating the decision process by given them access to recommendations people made for them.
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