What Made You Should Be Become A Teacher? Essay

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ALEX: What made you decide to become a teacher?
MRS. THOMPSON: I got married when I was sixteen and so I finished high school and Mike and I went on to college and that’s what he was going to do and so I just fell into that. My first degree though was in business education. So I taught computers and accounting and all that. Then I also got my elementary certification, because as a coach’s wife you have to be prepared, you know any time we had to move or whatever. I’ve taught fourth, fifth and sixth grade. But when I taught those they were departmentalized and I taught fourth, fifth, and sixth grade English. So then I got my degree in English and that’s really what I enjoy doing. I still teach a computer class, computer applications II. Because we’re such a small school you just have to fill in where you can. My certification list is this long. I just fell into education, but at this point I can’t imagine doing anything different.
ALEX: Why do you teach? What are you trying to accomplish?
MRS. THOMPSON: I want kids to want to learn. That’s more than anything. We’re doing Hamlet right now. They might not remember anything specific about Hamlet, but I want them to know there are other things out there. For instance, in my AP classes I try to choose books I think when they finish they might think, “I want to read something else like this.” One of my favorite books to teach is The Things They Carried about the Vietnam war. The kids are so engrossed in that. In their…

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