What Is Your Learning Style Essay

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Everybody actually has different learning style. If you use a suitable learning style, the speed of your brain work will become much quicker and better than other who use a wrong learning style. So people should know what their learning style is. You might have a special learning style, but that does not matter. Just do what you want. You can divided learning style into three different types: visual, auditory and physical. Students should know themselves and find the most useful learning style by themselves. Actually, before I was tested by the VAK Learning Style Indicators, I think I am an auditory learner. As I have expected, the test result showed that I am a totally auditory learner. After I finish my VAK survey, I found that I am an auditory …show more content…
I think the easiest task is practiced pronunciation because when I watch some American TV series can also help me to improve my English skills because even when you can’t understand the meaning of some part in American TV series, hearing the actors speaking English will improve your oral language skills. The hardest thing is person who have a funny accent, which will make me confused because I cannot understand what they are talking about. But if they use some body language I can understand what they are talking about. But that need I use my brain, just like a guess game. So I think I will have some problems when I study in University because there are a lot teachers from different countries, you never know about they have accents or not. Maybe taking notes can help me, I do not take notes because I think take notes is useless, but right now I think write down some notes can help me remember a lot of important information. Use your brain to understand is a great way to learn, but if you write down will never disappear. When you forget some knowledge, just check your notebook. So I will start taking notes in class to help me remember. Just like learning a bicycle, some people think ride a bike is a super easy thing, but some people never figure out how to bicycling. I think the reason is the learning style because some of people are not only listening to how to ride a bike, they try to ride a bike over and over, they are not afraid to fall over the pain. Finally, they can ride a bike. But some people just know how to do, they are scare about ride a bike, never try to ride a bike or just try once time then give up. So I cannot just learn anything, I should to put my skills to

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