What Is Wrong With The Education System Essay

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What is wrong with the education system? This is a question that has many people wondering, is there something wrong? Or are people just not being reasonable and overdramatic. Most people do not know that there really are problems in the school system, or they do not fully understand what the problems are or how that affects the students.
Diogenes said, “The foundation of every state is the education of its youth.” This is true, but today schools focus more on the testing than the students learning and understanding the content. In years past schools focused on the testing, but they also focused on the student’s creativity as well. Today they raise the testing bar so high and with so much content, it is crushing the creativity and innovation in students. Normally in school you learn a new topic every day. If you do not understand something you are expected to learn it on your own if you cannot stay after school, the next day they move on the something completely different. This is because of the testing; they put so much in the test that the teachers can’t afford to take another day for one or two students to understand it. They give one test saying this is the standard that everyone should be able to pass. Most kids can not reach that level, so their grades will suffer. In some schools if you cannot pass the test after the minimal times they allow you to try you could not gradate.
The government does not care if a student truly understands what they are learning; they…

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