Poor School Failures

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Throughout the United States, there’s a great difference in the educational ways for students between rich and poor school districts. Today there’s a major problem with failing schools not having the proper help or even resources. Without resolving this major issue the number of failures will increase, leading to larger problems with many school districts. The question that arises towards the issue is “What should be done to minimize the number of failing schools and to reinforce success for struggling students?” In several of the articles that are going to be stated, they will provide different reasons why a school reform isn 't hopeless and the many ways to fix failing schools in America. Throughout the articles, Roza focuses on the control of spending; Orozco towards efforts to help English language learners; and Weiss emphasizes on the horrible conditions of schools. Therefore, the main focus in schools should be on helping the low poverty students which need more help instead of those who do have the proper support, which leads to less failure in schools. …show more content…
Roza claims that “California and Boston give principals more money for needy students and more authority, but hold them accountable for results.” Many students who receive support have different results towards being successful. She argues that poor students that are given the help don 't seem to improve as much in school. However, for schools to succeed money is needed to help those students struggling. Knowing the problem, Roza suggests that school districts need to take care of the major issues that are keeping their students from having the proper learning education. Roza also explains that instead of having the school districts determine how to spend funds the focus should be towards the students with disabilities and low

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