Essay on What Is The Writing Process?

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Research Paper: What is the writing process? There’s five steps to writing: prewriting, writing, revision, editing, and publishing.
The purpose of this process is so that the writer can organize their thoughts correctly, so when the paper is actually being written, it is being written with much more ease than just simply skipping the whole process and writing the paper. It is taught in schools to help students to produce effective writing skills (“What is the Writing Process?”). Although everyone has their own algorithm to writing, the overall process of writing is the similar. Pre-writing or rough draft, is covering everything you know (Hale). It’s just a way to organize thoughts before writing the actual essay. Finding an idea, build on the idea, and plan and structure, are what is mainly consisted of in the pre-writing section of the writing process (The 5-Step Writing Process). This first stage tends to be messy (Elbow 11) because its just ideas and thoughts scattered on page and not in any sort of format what so ever. This stage is what makes it easier to write since everything is already written down, it just needs to be put together into an actual piece of writing.

Duque 2 Writing is the stage where everything is put into one. There will be multiple drafts in this part because spelling, grammar and punctuation won’t be a main concern to the writer. Many professional writers go through multiple drafts before they are happy with their work (Hale).…

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