What Is The Truth About God? Essay

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What Is The Truth About God

The First Step Toward Truth Is To Accept That You May Not Know It.God is divine love the creator of the universe and of all things. But how many of us really understand God at all? I would venture to say very few of us, if any at all.

So how do we go about learning to love A God that we don’t even understand? What is the truth about God?

The first step in finding the truth is in accepting the fact that we might not know it.

I will be discussing many things about God and religion with you and hopefully together we can gain a better understanding of our creator.
Who Is God?

God is everlasting love, joy and all wise that goes beyond all human understanding. Many people believe in a God, and different religions see him in different forms we see him in the form that we want to see him in. Gods devotees will see him in the form of many things Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, an old man in the sky ext. However, the vision we sees him as is just that a vision of what we believe he looks like, however this is not the true nature of God.

There have been many great teachers of God through the centuries that are capable of teaching us about God, but to find God’s true nature and the truly unique essence of him can only be found in deep meditation.
Does God Have A Plan For Us?

I never understood why people would think that God would have a plan for us when he gave us free will to decide for our self, and the intelligence to think and plan things out for…

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