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The participants of the conference are a teacher and a student named Marelle. The conference is structured in a way that the teacher thoughtfully guides Marelle through the performance steps by using the questioning techniques. The goal of the conference is to empower Marelle with a clear strategy of writing about reading. Marelle starts applying the strategy in front of the teacher while the teacher offers ongoing support. The teacher does not expect for her student to achieve immediate perfection with the strategy. It is just the first step of the support process that Marelle needs in order to achieve mastery in her writing about reading.
The conference begins by providing a good example of writing about reading which belongs to another student, Alessandra. It sets for Marelle her final goal. Marelle is told to look over Alessandra’s writing and then tell the teacher what she thinks of it. From the beginning of the conversation, the teacher sets a positive and encouraging tone. The teacher uses the strategy of positive reinforcement and explains to Marelle that she will
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At this point, the teacher will be able to provide Marelle with a formative assessment and decide whether the student has sufficiently reached the objectives. If Marelle does not reach mastery, the teacher can revise her educational experiences until the goals are reached. A sum-mative assessment will be done by the teacher at the end of the school year or at the end of the learning period.
The next step for the student will be to practice her writing about reading while using the three page format with a beginning, middle, and ending. Marelle should touch the pages, tell the story, and plan the parts of the model. She should apply this model to as many writings about reading as possible. Marelle should thoughtfully follow teacher’s feedback along the

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