The Importance Of Literacy Learning

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This essay will be describing the knowledge of literacy learning in terms of how students become literate. It will then be describing and discussing the principle ‘Knowledge of the learner’ and how I would incorporate this into a classroom writing programme. This essay will also be exploring the instructional strategies that I would use to effectively develop the literacy learning of the students in my classroom.

Literacy is the ability to comprehend the English language through reading and writing. The Ministry of Education (2003) defines literacy as “. . . the ability to understand, respond to, and use those forms of written language that are required by society and valued by individuals and communities” (p. 19). Oral language is also
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“A literacy situation is created every time a reading or writing activity occurs” (Behrman, 2002, p. 27). There are three orientations to communities that students can experience a literacy situation; Experiential community orientation is where relatives, friends or other adults support the student through important learning opportunities that occur within the community (Behrman, 2002). These are without advice from a teacher and more of an experience rather than a lesson. Another being the classroom community orientation, which is where the student is involved in classroom situations. Lessons are planned to meet a specific learning criteria and the student is mentored by a teacher or other peers (Behrman, 2002). Lastly, the anticipatory community orientation involves preparing the students for their future jobs, which are more commonly acquired on the worksite of said jobs (Behrman, 2002). Therefore, the students come from a range of backgrounds and bring their own set of skills, beliefs, and strategies that they have learnt from their community (Behrman, 2002).
There are three key aspects of literacy learning. Which include; Learning the code, making meaning and thinking critically. These are most effective when developed at the same time. It is essential that students have an understanding of all three aspects to be able to progress to becoming literate. (Ministry or Education,
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. . is perhaps the most powerful and persuasive form of instruction” (p. 80). Modelling occurs throughout the day in a classroom, whether it be deliberate or subconsciously (Ministry of Education, 2003). I would use the thinking aloud process while working on tasks to model how they should be completing the task. This would be done to promote active reading and writing (Ministry of Education, 2003). Modelling is a strategy that needs to be combined with other strategies to be completely effective towards literacy learning (Ministry of Education,

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