Analysis Of Sponsors Of Literacy And Discourse Communities

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Throughout the development of Literacy, there are all types of writing, from as small as a nursery rhyme book for newborn babies, to encyclopedias of the many wonders of the universe itself. Also in literacy, Writers can write almost anything to everything with the help of others that has the same motive or similar goals in mind when it comes to writing, which comes to the understanding of Sponsors of Literacy and Discourse Communities.
Sponsors of Literacy is anyone that is considered with the ability to teach, enable, support, teach, model, as well as recruit, regulate, suppress, or withhold literacy, while gaining a boost or advantage from it in some type of form or fashion. While Discourse Communities deals with a group of people that
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What she really refers to is the sponsors, as they can be local citizens, universities and colleges, and even common ideas that can help develop our minds to be more literate, as well as citizens being in charge of what we actually read. Even throughout time universities and institutions unintentionally become sponsors as they hold the scale comparing high literacy to low literacy, and high to low social economic status. Even in different communities, people that were born in the same time period and same local neighborhood can face diverse communities of ethnicity and active social status also with the fact that people don’t become literate on their own. As she also states “for the last 5 years I have been tracing sponsors of literacy across the 20th century as they appear in the accounts of ordinary Americans recalling how they learned to write and read”. Also critiques how “most institutions became sponsors to maintain control economically and politically” (Brandt …show more content…
Literature may be where to some people they do it because they have to or because they have to do it for a grade, I know that I want to consider it as a lesson and a bit of a wake call, letting me know that students don’t have to settle for average when it comes to literacy, but better to excel beyond average to reach the highest peak of knowledge over literacy. Not only I want to learn more but to experience with the knowledge about sponsors and discourse communities, the role of what can be accomplished with the understanding of these two topics. Knowing the roles can really help me not only develop, but as well become a better writer, reader and individual as I begin my collegiate journey at A&M commerce, as each day goes by I will go for the challenges and strive to be the best at my very

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