Unit 101 Reflective Report

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During my time in WRIT 101 we were given five learning outcomes to reach by semesters end. These outcomes were there to help better out writing and to further develop our skills. With the help of the assignments that we have gotten throughout the semester I feel I have achieved these outcomes. And in this letter I will reflect on both what those outcomes were and the assignments that helped me achieve them.
The first outcome that we were given was to be able to analyze, write, and read a multitude of varying texts made with different genres, audiences, and purposes in mind. For example, Professor Nikki assigned us to a variety of different texts and papers to both read and write. We read the short essay of discourse communities by Elaine Chaika. I had never heard of a discourse community before reading that paper but I learned more about it as I annotated that paper. Then in our personal eulogy the audience was both ourselves as well as people at the funeral. Then there was the journals with our personal narrative. Furthermore, this learning outcomes meant to me that I would not have been familiar with before taking WRIT 101. Which in turn bleeds into the second outcome of the class.
The second outcome was too able to understand and apply the processes of researching, reading and writing. And the
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I found this outcome to be the most difficult to understand. This means to me that being aware of my audience is important. At first, the words, “social process” used to confuse me a bit; but as the class continued the meaning became a bit clearer. My understanding is that we should be aware of who our audience is as well as what our genre is when writing any for f paper, journal, or research. For example, out journals are personal but I had to keep in mind that it was going to be read by my professor at some point; so I had to keep the journal casual but not too

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