What Is The Similarities Between Islam And Christianity

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Allah or God? The question tends to ponder when one is prefered than the other, but what many do not know is that they share many similarities. God has many names such as; Allah, Lord, God, Yahweh,etc… this is because in different parts or of the world they call him different names, but still believe in one divine creator. Islam and Christianity are two monotheistic religions. Islam is the fastest growing religion and the second largest religion in the world. Islam makes up 23% of the world 's population, with the majority of the middle east and 56 other countries. Christianity is the world 's largest religion with 2.2 billion followers worldwide. The christian religion is spread throughout the entire world, opposed to the Islam religion, which covers specific regions in the world. There seems to be competition between these two religions, but in terms of effectiveness, which one offers a better relationship towards their divine master in which I believe is islam.
Islam and Christianity share a common belief in many things. Both religions believe that Jesus is the messiah and can perform miracles. Jesus was born from a virgin, which was the virgin Mary, and that God gave virgin Mary the baby. This means that Jesus had a miracle birth. Jesus lived a pure, sin free life. Muslims and Christians believe that judgement day will come and everyone
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Islam makes up 23% of the world 's population, with it being the fastest growing religion. Christianity is the largest religion with 2.2 billion followers. Islam is more centralized compared to the christian faith where it is spread throughout the entire world. While both religions share many similarities there are differences to, but when it comes to having a better relationship to its creator, Islam takes this one. Still the question ponders on which one is more effectiveness, but it 's time for you to decided. Allah or

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