Divine Nature Of Islam

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When discussing the divine nature of Allah versus the divine nature of God, the nature of God triumphs over the nature of Allah. In order for Allah’s nature to escalate to the level of divinity, it must compare itself to the natures of all other gods. James Sire, the author of The Universe Next Door, notes how, “Allah’s greatness is understood by way of contrast to all other inferior beings” (2009, pg. 248). God’s nature, though, does not depend upon other gods because he is the only God. God, who is above all other fictional gods, imprints his very nature upon his creation and upon the very hearts of humanity. Because of this, humanity can know God through his creation and through his revealed revelation—the Bible. Allah, on the other hand, cannot be known with certainty. Mulims should never, “draw implications” (Sire, pg. 252) from the character of Allah or to even act upon it. Followers of Allah can only know certain characteristics of Allah, but they will never experience the peace of resting upon his characteristics. Followers of God, though, can act upon their knowledge of God because God’s nature never changes. Both Muslims and Christians agree to the creation of the world out of nothing. Only by the word spoken did the world come into existence. According to Islam, Allah rules over his …show more content…
This has been, “the goal of history [which] is to subsume the entire world under the umma, the Islamic community” (Sire, pg. 269). Submitting to the Islamic religion only causes a loss of hope. God gives hope to all who believe in him; in the end, he will triumph over Islam fulfilling the hope of all who put their trust in him. Only through Jesus can anyone find true hope. Islam endeavors to steal away any chance of hope by directing the hopeless away from Jesus. Islam may appear to triumph over Christianity, but the God of Christianity is much more powerful and authoritative than the god of the

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