What Is The Primary Purpose Of Each Text? Essay

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What is the primary purpose of each text?
The 1960’s magazine excerpt’s purpose is to advertise the Kenwood Chef. The advertisement targets primarily middle class housewives . Ultimately it is directed towards challenging business men to buy their wife a Kenwood Chef. The advertisement implies that this kitchen technology is a necessity for modern life.
Tweetie’s 1979 novel extract is a feminist argument, the purpose of which is to show the disadvantage of women and the difference between the two sexes. The extract suggests a call to action, to change the immediate setbacks of being born female. As it is likely written for a pro-feminist audience, it’s an engaging piece.
Brown’s 2010 article from New Idea generally known as a gossip magazine with its primary purpose being to sell articles, and entertain people. The story of Charmyne losing her child and husband entertains us through a gentle mockery of Charmyne, whilst also advocating sympathy for her suffering after the break up of her marriage to a C Grade celebrity.

How do the texts differ in terms of how they present female roles in relationships and in society more generally?
The advertisement explicitly states that a woman’s role in society and her relationship is in the kitchen, as referenced by “ The Chef does everything but cook – that’s what wives are for!” Women are collectively stereotyped as lacking financial independence because they rely on their husband to give his “ wife a Kenwood Chef right away!” This…

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