Digital Media Research Paper

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There are many types of digital media players in our world today. Computers, iPods, iPhones, television, and many more. The digital media source that I think is the best user friendly and useful is the iPhone by the company Apple. I chose this digital media sours for many reasons. One of those reasons is, it is a “jack of all trades”. You can do many things on an iPhone, and you can even do them simultaneously! On an iPhone you can read books, listen to music, take pictures, and even watch movies! Another reason that I picked the source is because you can do all this at home, or on the go! This device is so convenient! In addition to these reasons, this device is also small in size. Because the iPhone is small in size, you can take it everywhere …show more content…
iPhones are not the cheapest thing out there, but they are almost guaranteed to fit your needs. They are an investment, but they are well worth the money. There are many reasons why they are with the money. To start, many other phones don 't have software that updates every few months, and better yet they certainly don 't update in the phone. Usually you have to go buy a completely new phone! Also, like I said “you get what you pay for” the iPhone has a breathe taking pixel display. All of the images are as clear as a crystal. They have extremely high resolution displays. Battery life in a phone is very important. The battery in these devices have power saving modes and lots of other features to help you save and make your battery last. The average iPhone battery will last all day. iPhones have a feature called bluetooth built into them. This feature allows you to contact, connect, or even wirelessly print anything right off your phone! Last but not least the awesome built in camera. This camera is built with so many different features, your images and videos will look like they were taken by a professional! I hope by reading these points you will come to understand the the iPhone is a great digital media source to

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