Symbolism Of The Women's Rights Movement

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Unlike other sport branches, women are members of many archery clubs in this period and are allowed to participate regularly in tournaments. Love emphasizes the importance of swimming as a cultural and social practice from a sporting event by stating that the place of the woman in the swimming world reflects the position of the woman in the British society.
At that time, in the swimming area, the swimming places were sorted according to the sex, the swimming distances and the clothes were differentiated according to sex. Initially, the swimmer selected a special area for men and swimming associations / club members and participants from men only. Women rarely could be spectators in races. For example, the National Swimming Community rallies
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This period severely restricted the participation of women in corsets, which enabled the body to stand upright by tightly wrapping the body worn by British women.
The bike has become a key to the liberation of women's imprisoned bodies. At this point, it is necessary to underline the importance of women's rights movement in the participation of the spore. McCrone emphasized that the introduction of the modern spore of women is directly related to the women's rights movement, which advocates women in public space at this time.
As Vertinsky said; "A large number of determined women have strived to make use of the possibilities in the public arena; fighting to have the right to use their bodies as they wish by choosing to marry and not marry, doing a career, playing tennis or golf, or riding a bicycle. "In short, the beginning of women's participation in the sport history in the Victorian period, which is considered as the first years of women's sport, can be interpreted as the attempt of women to exist in the public arena as a promise on their own bodies. In this process, however, spore participation has become an ideological instrument of imprisonment of women in the domestic private space and the discourse of biological and social reproduction in the
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According to Woolf, who advocates the idea of androgenism in a Room of His Own, especially in the impossibility of writing as a single genus, "It is murderous to be male and female in an innocent and simple manner; the person must be masculine-woman or feminine-male. "
Woolf called the women to kill the "angel in the house," saying that women must have their own room to write. In this way, liberal feminism seems to have spoken a word about the house in the private space left without touching it. However, economic, class and racial differences between women come from ignorance, and they are both condescending. Sufrajet describes women who are known for their mobile behavior, who are poured down for voting, as "militant", "strange", "in worn outfits", "wonderful accent"
While Woolf associates economic-based inequality with the inequalities that women face, they do not mention or hate them with proletarian women, who serve, ignoring, and serving women who are not of their own circle, race or income group; third-world women are

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