Athletes In The Pool, Girls And Boys On Deck By Michela Musto

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Additionally, the gender switch would generate far-reaching effects in terms of relationship, and it is that that will place everyone on equal grounds. In Athletes in the Pool, Girls and Boys on Deck by Michela Musto capture a little bit of what society would look like if everything was classified based on the capacities on an individual. Musto in her article finds that athletes did not associate swimming with gender. When talking about racing swimmers, Cody stated “It doesn’t matter . . . it’s just, like, the same thing’ if he loses to a girl or a boy” (206), referring to the fact that it did not matter who he lost to because at the end what is really valued are the swimmers abilities. Therefore, this is an example of what friendships would look like in the new world, just like the swimmers everyone would be …show more content…
Nonetheless, R.W. Connell in “Change among the Gatekeepers,” argues that in the Western world, men are the gatekeepers to equality. Due to the fact that society privileges men, that gives them access to the resources, and power needed to rearrange society’s gender views, therefore, gender equality is in their hands. However, by not allocating all of the power to one gender, the new world will serve to establish equality based on personal capacities, and it will only be that what will generate difference. Nonetheless, the article Gender and Power by Maria Alexandra Lepowsky describes the Vanatiani customs; “women and men have equivalent rights to and control of the means of production, the products of their own labor, and the products of others” (174). This suggests that women and men are valued for their qualities. Therefore, this culture highlights some of the aspects of the new culture, since every individual is valued for their capacities that eliminate any bias toward a specific

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