Pros And Cons Of Prayer In Schools

Prayer in school is a highly talked about topic, and whether kids should be allowed to say prayer or if they should not allow any type of prayer all together. Allowing prayer in school or not has been a subject that is the most talked about, and controversial topic. This topic has a great role in the public school system because it can cause outbreaks among children, controversy between children, and children believing in other religions because of other kids. “This principle ensures that America's public schools are welcoming to all children and leaves decisions about religion where they belong, with the family” (Morgan Chilson, Pros and Cons of Prayer in School an Ongoing Debate). Allowing prayer in school still has not been decided on whether …show more content…
Because most people are one-sided or believe in what they are taught or hear they tend to speak and think believing they are completely right. When they believe they are right they get very defensive over what they may be arguing about. This can lead to many things such as fighting, bullying, or even bringing harm to one another. They might fight over something as simple as who is right or who is wrong. “Some Americans believe in the power of prayer; others believe nothing fails like prayer. Some citizens say prayer makes them feel better, but others contend that prayer is counterproductive to personal responsibility. Such a diversity of views is constitutionally protected; our secular government simply is not permitted to pick a side in religious debates.” (Annie Gaylor, The Case Against School Prayer). Some kids might even tease each other for practicing the ways of their religion whether it be prayer or something entirely different, because they think different of it. Sometimes this could lead to kids harming other kids because things can be blown out of proportions and someone might say they do not like the religion they follow and some take it to offense, and there is a possibility of any of these things …show more content…
Public schools exist to educate, not to proselytize. If a child is not educated or doesn’t understand other kids religions they can confuse people. They might even try to teach them what they believe in and it could lead to unnecessary things. So outbreaks, controversy, and influencing are three of the many things that can happen. Allowing prayer in a public school setting may not be the best option. Prayer in school is just like politics in such a way and should be avoided to prevent bad situations.

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