What Is The Importance Of Alexander Hamilton

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During the first two years of the American Revolution, Alexander Hamilton served as a Captain of the New York Independent Artillery Company. In March of 1777, Hamilton was appointed by General George Washington to become one of his secretaries and aide-de-camps with the rank of lieutenant colonel. This honor was done for Hamilton’s successful service as the Continental Army retreated, though New Brunswick, New Jersey. As the war progressed, Washington would send his military aides on challenging assignments with ever-increasing responsibilities. Hamilton left the Continental Army around Philadelphia on October 20th, 1777 to travel to Albany, New York. Hamilton would be requesting General Gates to send the bulk of his forces to reinforce the Grand Army under the command of Washington. Only serving for a mere eight months, Hamilton earned Washington’s complete trust to speak for Washington on this mission.

Hamilton arrived at Valley Forge on January 20th, 1778 to continue to work with Washington’s staff at his new Headquarters in the Isaac Potts House. Some of the tasks that Hamilton and others did at Headquarters were: Drafting letters, writing numerous orders, notes, and signing, “By the order of His Excellency.” for George Washington in longhand. Hamilton spoke French and was able
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On February, 13th, 1778 Hamilton wrote, New York Governor George Clinton, “…exert yourself upon this occasion, our distress in infinite…Desertions have been immense and strong features of mutiny begin to show themselves…” Hamilton helped plan with Washington the military campaign for the next year. An fellow aide, Robert Hanson Harrison, recognized his great energy and skills and nicknamed him, “the little lion” as Hamilton was able to successfully complete multiple tasks that were required at this critical time in the American

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