What Is The Freezing Point Essay

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We don’t think much about it when we see it, but water is a vital source of our existence. By keeping us hydrated, flushing out toxins, and keeping plants alive, water has become a necessity that we wouldn’t be able to survive without it. But water doesn’t only come in the liquid form we see every day. It is also known to turn into vapor and even ice. While ice does keep our drinks cool under the blazing sun, it is also a danger when winter is fast approaching. Ice can slick the roads and make it a rough terrain to drive on. But can we add a chemical that will affect the freezing point of the water? If we’re able to do this, then we could tell which chemical would allow the freezing point to warm and make it an easier road to drive on when the pavement becomes iced over. The term freezing point refers to the temperature at which a liquid becomes a solid. By increasing the pressure, you can usually increase the freezing point. As the mixture begins to freeze, the solid that has formed first, usually has a different composition than the liquid, and the information of the solid changes the composition of the remaining liquid in a way that can steadily lower the freezing point. This principle is used in purifying mixtures, successful melting and freezing gradually to …show more content…
This can be calculating by using the pure solvent freezing point and the molality of the solution. This phenomena describes the why adding a solute to a solvent results in the decreasing of the freezing point. When the substance begins to freeze, the molecules slow down due to the fall of temperature. This is where intermolecular forces to take over. The molecules will then rearrange themselves into a pattern and form a solid. In example, when water is cooled to the freezing point, its molecules become slower and slower, and hydrogen bonds begins to stick more, which eventually permits it to become a solid. (Boundless,

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