Ralph And Jack Character Analysis

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The two main characters in the novel “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding are the protagonist Ralph and the antagonist Jack. Even thought they are English schoolboys who are around the same age and they both want to gain power, they have very contrasting leadership styles, personalities, and thoughts about what are the most important things on the island they were stranded on after their plane crash. In the novel, both Ralph and Jack want to be leaders on the island; they want to be in control – that is one thing they have in common. At first, Ralph becomes the leader by election – the other boys vote between Ralph and Jack, and they choose Ralph. He wants to make a civilized place for them to live in where everyone knows their place, …show more content…
The most important thing for Ralph is making a civilization. Throughout the whole novel, he tries to make it happen, but he doesn’t succeed because of Jack and his savagery. He thinks that having shelters is very important, and that is why he even started building them alone with Simon, when the others were just playing around, having fun and avoiding work. Also, he is very focused on keeping the signal fire going, because the fire maximizes their chances of being rescued. On the other hand, Jack cares about something else. For him, the most important things are hunting, killing pigs, eating meat, and gaining power. He plays emotions in order to manipulate the boys. He says that hunting is fun and exciting, and that is how he makes the others hunt with him. Also, he convinces the boys that there is a beast, and he says that he can kill it. Like that, he creates an illusion that he is strong and protective, and the boys start to like him more. In conclusion, we can see that there are a lot of differences between Ralph and Jack, but they also have a few similarities - they are both leaders, and they enjoy their power. Even thought at the beginning they were innocent boys who respected each other, the wilderness on the island made them become more savage and

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