Reflective Essay: Similarities Between Leadership And Management

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Leadership is something that is synthesis and Management is something that is analysis and both are very different. Leadership is more of a long term effect and while management is a short term effect. Leadership is something that people look for in everyone that is in charge of there business and is key to being someone in charge. Leadership is what they look for in athletes so they can lead their team to wins. Management is something that you go to at work and ask for help or with a task. But as I see it you need leadership on a management and you want that because they need to lead your business with success. Management is more like excecting a plan while leadership is climbing to the next level. But that does mean that both leadership and management has its own similar parts to each other in many ways. Leadership is something that many people in the work place want in their upper level management. Leadership skills is some thing that is key to help your small or bigger business succeeded in this type of world. Some management or people in higher position doesn’t have those leader traits and need to devolve those skills or traits. Ways that someone could get better or devolve …show more content…
Without one you can run a business but is better that you have both I’ve seen where a company has one or the other and both is better to have both for the people and just everyone. Another way there similar is that leaders is some one that knows how to lead but not how to operate a business. While a manger is someone that knows how to mange people throughout a day, but they don’t know how to lead them. A good company needs good leadership and management to help the company be better in a long term business. That is what a start up company and or business needs to make it work and be a bigger and better

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