Essay on What Is The Deadliest Predator On Earth?

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What is the deadliest predator on earth? Is it the "king of the jungle", the lion, who stalks their prey and attacks with might? Could it be the Black Mamba whose bite is the deadliest of the snake kingdom and without anti venom has a one-hundred percent chance of lethality. Rather it is the silent killer, who is in the hands of fifteen percent of adults in the US. This killer claims the life of over 480,000 Americans people every year (USDHSS). Cigarettes, loved and enjoyed by many who are completely aware of its dangers but choose to be oblivious.

Corruption may not be the first word that comes to mind when thinking about cigarettes but cigarettes are shrouded in a dark history of conniving, evil, schemes. Big tobacco companies are corrupting and bullying their way around in order to make a quick buck. In 1986, with healthier lifestyles set in mind, the Navy announced a goal of being smoke free by the year 2000. By the time this was supposed to happen, tobacco-friendly congressmen had already passed a law requiring all ships to sell cigarettes and allow smoking, covering it up by convincing the public it was the sailors who demanded it. Of course, this gives tobacco companies a hefty amount of cash since they produce the product they are pushing on the troops (Poston).

Cigarette smoke can also put an enormous burden on mother earth. As if our fragile eco-system wasn 't already on the verge of collapse. It is widely known that the smoke from a cigarette just adds to…

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