E-Cigarette Analysis

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E-cigarettes are becoming a more popular alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. With its popularity comes much controversy. Some believe that e-cigarettes are not good alternatives to smoking, while others believe smoking e-cigarettes is less harmful. In my opinion, I believe that it is too soon to make a concrete opinion about the use of e-cigarettes. However, for right now, I believe that e-cigarettes are not a good alternative, but have the potential to be. That being said, I do not believe, at this moment, that e-cigarettes are good.
In 2003, Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist, created an electronic cigarettes device similar in style to a regular cigarette. The cylinder device is battery operated. The device has a liquid nicotine solution that when smoked, turns to vapor. In addition to nicotine, the liquid consists of other chemicals and
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Another upside to e-cigarettes is the cost. The first time someone buys an e-cigarette package, it costs anywhere from thirty to a hundred dollars, and replacements for the liquid cartridge cost about six hundred dollars. In contrast, a one pack a day addict will end up spending nearly a thousand dollars a year (Neporent, 2014). In addition, a 2013 study showed that secondhand contamination from e-cigarettes was about one-tenth of secondhand smoke from regular cigarettes (Consumers Union, 2014). In one study, researchers found that over a six month period, e-cigarettes helped smokers quit smoking just as well as other methods (Neporent, 2014). Also, in the study where scientist found that vapors in e-cigarettes aided in cancer, the scientists were not quite sure as to which ingredient aided in the development. Furthermore, Dr. Neal L. Benowitz—a nicotine researcher—commented that cells in the human body could react differently than those created by scientists (Meier,

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